Microcerpt: Harsh Reality

Karl eyeShe looked at the peasant.  His hot pink eyes met her eye as his knees buckled and he fell to the ground with a large thump.  They were full of anger and hatred for everything that she had done. Everything that she had ruined. Then they were empty.

Karl was dead.

The reality of it all hit her instantly.  She had killed someone.

Her eyes were wide with horror at the whole experience.  She looked around at her surroundings for the first time since the battle.  Rodrigue’s mouth was wide open, his jaw gaping as he stared at his fallen cousin while the other peasants looked around uncertainly.

Then Kale looked behind her and saw the face of her allies.

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Microcerpt: One of the Few to Lay Eyes on Hkiye Janx

DragonCrouching behind a pine tree that Kale guessed would offer a good view, she peeked her left eye out of her hiding place.  There was a bright flash of red light that almost blinded her. Resisting the urge to jump to her feet and unsheathe her sword, Kale sat there trying not to move. Moving would only give away her position.  As soon as the sun drifted behind one of the few clouds in the sky, Kale found that she was looking at a blazing-red dragon. It was barely a hundred meters from her hiding place.

As she blinked the bright spots out of her eye, she noticed that the red dragon wasn’t the only one.  There were about twenty in all: half of them were huge and their scales were a bright mixture of reds, golds, yellows, and oranges.  The other half were small and dull and their dark-green, brown, and black scales blended perfectly with the landscape.  The dragons were intermixed on two sides of a shallow looking and slow-flowing river. The river cut through a giant clearing.

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