In 1868 Hawaii, Kaia accompanies her exiled 10-year-old sister to a leper colony. Surrounded by cliffs and water, Kaia is willing to do whatever it takes to get her sister home––even if it means abandoning everything she stands for in the process.

Incidental Contact

After killing a competitor during a cutthroat open water race, a swimmer takes advantage of her new opportunity for gold.


Project Eve

Six years after giving birth to a son in a nation from which men are exiled, Dylan Secundus decides she must destroy the system she created––including the people she’s closest to––in order to ensure her son’s safety.

Everest Island

When the ocean has risen so high that Mount Everest is the only piece of survivable land, a queen obsessed with the island struggles to regain power after her people deem her too heartless to rule.


A street-rat from a small town in Western Mongolia finds herself in a power struggle when she joins a nomadic eagle hunting clan and her affinity for animals causes the bird of the greatest hunter to switch allegiances.


Joss, an impulsive ghostwriter, is transported into her novel after a fit of rage causes a car accident. Joss soon learns that the worlds are connected, and the solutions to her mistakes in the real world may be found in her novel.


The Stolen Dragon of Quanx

An adventurous girl takes a path forbidden to her when she is forced to join up with three uncooperative companions to save her world from the brink of war.


In development. Read an excerpt here!

Other Work

Maui Nui Debrief

21-year-old USC student Becca Mann writes about her 40 mile Maui Nui Triangle Swim where she swam between the islands of Maui, Molokai, Lanai and back to Maui.

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