Why Parents Should Let Their Kids Have Smartphones

Here’s an interesting fact that I haven’t told anyone: I wrote the first three chapters and prologue of my book on my phone when I was eleven while driving to swim practice. I remember just typing away in the notes app. Between school, swimming, and triathlon I didn’t have much time to sit and write…except when I was in the car.

I tried writing my stories with pen and paper, but it never seemed to work out. Sometimes I couldn’t decipher my own handwriting. Other times I lost pages. Sometimes the folder and pages got wet in my swim bag. And the ever-growing folder that contained my stories wasn’t very portable. And writing on paper in the car (which was pretty much the only time I ever had the time to write) is not very pleasant.

So when I finally got my first smartphone, I was ecstatic. Not to text my friends, but to write. I saw it as a portable infinite piece of paper. None of the pages would get lost or wet. It was much lighter, easier to read, and I could write in the car without worrying if the next pothole was going to ruin it.

I rewrote the first few chapters about a year ago, but I’ve kept the prologue the same. Note to parents: it’s not bad to give your kids a phone at a young age! They might be doing something creative with it!

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