The Stolen Dragon of Quanx

In Quanx, there is no hiding who you are….

In a land of tribes where people are defined by the color of their eyes, disaster is ready to strike.  With peace barely hanging by a thread, the King of Vitchreonyo makes a risky decision.  What he doesn’t know is that his plan may not end how he thinks….
Then Kale, a fisherman’s daughter, is trapped in a tunnel where she makes a shocking discovery.  And that discovery may very well lead to the destruction of her entire world.
Kale takes up a challenge of following a path forbidden to her in a race to save Quanx from a tribe of conniving dragons.  With the help of three uncooperative companions, Kale must steal a dragon egg or die trying. The Stolen Dragon of Quanx is the first novel in The Eyes Trilogy, a compelling new series that will pull you into a fascinating world…and leave you breathlessly waiting for the sequel!

3 responses to “The Stolen Dragon of Quanx”

  1. Looks exciting! Where do I buy it?

  2. Hi:)
    I’m official your biggest fan ever!!! I love the website and your book!!!!!!! Can wait to see you again. We have to be friends forever!
    Love, Nahaquie

    Ps: Good Luck in 32 days

  3. Amazing talent and imagination! An exciting read not to be missed. Certainly worth reading. Check it out. You will be sorry if you don’t!

    The Elder

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