Becca Mann

Becca Mann was throwing up in the middle of the ocean at 2 AM on her way to a world record to become the first person to swim a 40 mile channel in Hawaii when she decided to write about the survival of the human spirit. At 13, Becca left home and became a nomadic professional athlete, where she traveled the world with 8 Olympians and self-published a novel. Those experiences are why Becca writes about confident fish-out-of-water women suffering from wanderlust in fantastic worlds.

Becca current works as a Writers’ Assistant on a Blumhouse/Amazon drama and graduated with a BFA in Writing for Screen and Television at the University of Southern California. She previously worked as the Script Coordinator on Apple TV’s The Morning Show, Showrunner’s Assistant on Amazon’s The Wilds and as the Writers’ PA on Freeform’s Cruel Summer. Her screenplay Exiled was a 2x finalist in the 2020 Austin Film Festival and the winner of the 2021 ISA Fast Track Historical Genre and her pilot Soar was a semifinalist in the Humanitas Carol Mendelson category.

Becca’s passion for stories commenced when she read The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe at five years old. Her life was then consumed by books––she was fascinated with the idea that anything was possible through the words on the page. Before she had reached double digits, she was writing books of her own.

Becca balanced her storytelling passion with her other love: swimming. Becca has been a member of the USA Swimming National Team since she was 14 years old. She was the youngest person to place in the top 10 in 4 events at Olympic Trials and is a 2x USA National Champion. She has represented Team USA at 4 World Championships and is the only person to have consecutively swum the triangle between the Hawaiian islands of Maui, Molokai, and Lanai. This undertaking was inspired by her constant pursuit of challenges and adventure.

Becca’s professional swimming career has allowed her to travel to over 30 countries. She has lived all over the states and was home schooled through the self-named Mann Home School for Gifted Students. She was Valedictorian and sole graduate of the Class of 2016 (yes, it was because the program was that rigorous). During high school, she self-published her first fantasy novel, The Stolen Dragon of Quanx. Some people ask Becca if she regrets that she never had the pleasure of going through “the real high school experience,” but Becca’s seen enough movies to happily trade prom for swimming with spinner dolphins and getting lost in rain forests.

Though she loves exploring and traveling, Becca is terrified of the vastness of outer space and has no desire to go there whatsoever, even if it means missing out on the opportunity to see incredible undiscovered worlds (okay, if the worlds were guaranteed before blast off and the travel time was less than a year, she would make an exception).

This enthrallment of worlds different than her own has inspired Becca to write dystopian (not space) sci-fi, fantasy, and period pieces. Becca hopes to one day be the showrunner of her own series and aspires to ignite hope through her writing.

Becca is currently represented by Lucius Cary at Rain Management Group.




In 1868 Hawaii, 16-year-old Kaia gives up her future to accompany her exiled 10-year-old leper sister to an infamously evil, lawless, and inescapable leper colony. Declared dead by the kingdom and surrounded by cliffs and water, Kaia will do whatever it takes to get her sister home––even if it means becoming the evil within the colony herself.

  • Austin Film Festival Finalist
  • ISA Historical Genre Winner
  • Launch Pad Feature Competition Top 50
  • Page International Screenwriting Awards Competition Semifinalist
  • ScreenCraft Drama Semifinalist
  • Final Draft Big Break Semifinalist

Incidental Contact

After killing a competitor during a cutthroat open water race, a swimmer takes advantage of her new opportunity for gold.

  • ScreenCraft Drama Semifinalist



An elite swim team with some of the most decorated Olympians of all time is shaken up by the arrival of their biggest competition yet: a 14 year old girl obsessed with being the best.


A street-rat from a small town in Western Mongolia finds herself in a power struggle when she joins a nomadic eagle hunting clan and her affinity for animals causes the bird of the greatest hunter to switch allegiances.

  • Austin Film Festival Second Rounder
  • 2021 Humanitas Carol Mendelsohn Fellowship Semifinalist

Everest Island

In a climate-ravaged dystopian future, the remnants of humanity reside on the last piece of above-water land: Mount Everest. Amidst warring political factions and increasing overpopulation, a deposed queen lures an influential outcast out of hiding in an attempt to combine their power and save the last land on Earth.

  • Austin Film Festival Second Rounder


Addison, a teenager who lives in an underground town in Arizona, takes on a personal quest to save her home from literal collapse. But when a newcomer threatens to unearth her past, Addison must choose between her life’s mission and her family’s reputation.

  • Austin Film Festival Second Rounder


In 1651, as the Puritans invade Catholic Ireland, the young Baroness of the City of Limerick is forced to hide her sexuality and must reluctantly team up with the Abbess of the local nunnery to defend the family, home, and religion that never accepted who she truly is.

Project Eve

Six years after giving birth to a son in a nation from which men are exiled, Dylan Secundus decides she must destroy the system she created––including the people she’s closest to––in order to ensure her son’s safety.

  • 2020 WeScreenplay Diversity Competition Semifinalist


Two best friend assassins find themselves thrown into the only world their training didn’t prepare them for: high school. Sent to take down a blood-harvesting organization, the teens are quickly distracted by ego and popularity, causing internalized resentment to come to a boil. And if they can’t work through it, their classmates will be kidnapped.

The Wrongdoers

It’s finally time for teenage twins, rule-following Charlotte and rebel Zandra, to leave
behind their post-apocalyptic society known as Purgatory for a simulated paradise. But when the twins discover there may be more beyond the desert community they grew up in, they’re forced to choose between each other and eternity. Based on the novel of the same name.


The Stolen Dragon of Quanx

An adventurous girl takes a path forbidden to her when she is forced to join up with three uncooperative companions to save her world from the brink of war.

  • 2015 Independent Author Network Book of the Year Finalist

The Wrongdoers

It’s finally time for teenage twins, rule-following Charlotte and rebel Zandra, to leave behind their post-apocalyptic society known as Purgatory for a simulated paradise. But when the twins discover there may be more beyond the desert community they grew up in, they’re forced to choose between each other and eternity.

  • LaunchPad Prose Mentorship Selection Winner
  • LaunchPad Prose Competition Top 50

Other Work

Maui Nui Debrief

21-year-old USC student Becca Mann writes about her 40 mile Maui Nui Triangle Swim where she swam between the islands of Maui, Molokai, Lanai and back to Maui.